Boutique Therapist/ Retail Sales Consultant

Jacqueline has enjoyed more than 25 years as an Apparel and Accessories Sales Rep.  She is not your typical wholesale clothing sales consultant, she is often referred to as a "retail therapist."  As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, her experience embraces design, sales, merchandising, and planning to specialty stores, jewelers, galleries, catalogs, and e-commerce.


Noting the constant changes in fashion, Jacqueline brings a unique and special perspective through her understanding of how to accomplish success while offering excellent service.  She sources various market places both nationally and internationally.  Currently she works with American, Australian, European, and Canadian designers.


Jacqueline is proud of the respect she has achieved throughout the industry for the dedication she gives to the stores, designers, and personnel.  Her passion resonates through her carefully selected and experienced staff.


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SYMPLI from Canada is a favorite in the U.S., dependable for quality, style, fit and comfort. This Fall/Winter season offers our familiar jersey accented with bamboo and french terry collections.  Cover ups of sueded foil will keep you fashionably accented and layered with warmth.

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Bringing International flair and fashion to you via PURE FIT.  With collections from Japanese designers MAO MAM and MONA LISA.  Fall into Winter in sophisticated and comfortable styles.  One size fits most.


For over 45 years, Orly has been striving to make the perfect fit for women's ever changing bodies. Color blocks, stripes and bold colors are staples in both our spring and fall collections. Our team works hard to provide our customers with the best fit, style, quality and service at a moderate price point. Whether it's a separate t-shirt, top, sweater or one of our signature week-end wear outfits, our collection is sure to excite the woman of today.

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SPAIN in AMERICA, offers a way

to express your own personality

and stvle with unique hand-dyed

"one-of-a-kind"kimonos, ponchos, scarves, and necklaces.

This ensures that you look and

feel good all day long, no matter

where the day takes you. Accessorize!!!